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It Begins

The official opening of the Telgte Sister City Celebration began this evening. The delegations from Poland, Russia, and Tomball were welcomed by the Burgermeister and the Telgte Sister City Team for a festive evening of food, drink, and fellowship.

Telgte is a wonderful city, and the leadership of the city has gone all out to make our stay pleasant and welcoming. It is good to see so many of our Tomball friends here for this event. We look forward to making even more friends while here.

The rage here in terms of food is “spaghetti ice cream,” made by pressing ice cream through a cold potato ricer and adding red strawberry cream toppings (sauce) and slivered white almonds (parmesan). All the ice cream shops have various sauce selections for your frozen “spaghetti.” We also learned a new dark beer “Altbier” drink, mixed with raspberry syrup, called in Germany, “Alt Schuss.” We will try to recreate our new German foods with other recipes we have learned in other countries when we return home at the end of the year. WEG


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