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A Little Fall

Here and there I see yellow and red in the trees, signaling that autumn colors are not far away in the great Northwest. As we turned our car toward home from Seattle, we were finding it hard to leave such beauty and vibrancy, not to mention the astounding weather, behind. Yet, as we travelled southeastward, we realized that new adventures lay before us, and that re-energized our thinking and planning. The day took us through the Cascades into Washington wine country. Vineyards began to brighten the brown hills and valleys around Yakima. In the distance, Mt. Adams stood out, with its white dome reaching skyward. Mt. Rainier was still visible to the north. Beauty still lay around us in this vast land where fall will come sooner than those places further south. WEG


  1. Roger Tornga says:

    Wayne and Kathy, Thank you for appreciating the place I called home for 4 decades and still love to visit. I was so homesick the first year back in Texas, but God placed me in relationship with so many wonderful people in Texas that it became home for me in Tomball,Magnolia. Thanks for being two of those wonderful people. However, given a choice based on topography, scenery, and weather – I’d jump back in a second. Roger

  2. Nancy McCollum says:

    If you drive through Utah, after going through Boise on US 84, stop by the Golden Spike National Historic Site (about 21 miles off the highway–watch for the sign). It is where they do a reenactment of the last spike driven to connect the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads, which competed the transcontinental rail system in 1869. They have quite a nice little museum. A bit of a hot, dry drive off the highway but definitely worth the trip if you have time.

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