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Fair Verona

They told us the duomo was closed for the day, but when we arrived the door was able to be opened and we went in. Rehearsal was in session for a concert and it was lovely. Verona, with its intact Roman Coliseum (third largest in the Roman world) and elegant churches is much more than Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare fame. Yes, we did see the balcony where Romeo spied his Juliet, but we enjoyed walking the bustling city streets to see the other major sites as well. Our time on this second leg of our encore journey is quickly winding down. WEG


  1. Mary Stockton says:

    We missed you at the Confirmation gala tonight! Thank you for pouring your joy and wisdom so freely into our family. We are extremely thankful for you and praising God that you are having a wonderful trip with Kathy. joyfully, the Stocktons

    • wgraumann says:

      Thank you all so much. I thought of the confirmation class and families often the past few days with nostalgia and joy. i have prayed for all of you as well.

      • melisa standly says:

        Confirmation weekend was just spectacular for our family but we missed you greatly. Sweet words from our pastors and sweet words to our son….we had a wonderful gala on Saturday evening and a wonderful Sunday lunch at the Steve Campbell home with all the pastors on hand. Delo said she heard from you and it was just not the same without you there. They needed Kathy very badly to keep Doug on schedule. We love watching your posts of some of the wonderful journey. Sounds like you are milking pleasure out of every moment…

      • wgraumann says:

        Thanks Melisa. I am happy it was such a wonderful occasion. We are down to two days and home for 21 hours before the next trip to the upper midwest USA.

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