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Lake Garda is beautiful to say the least. Limone is across the lake from Malcesine and a ferry transports people between the two villages. Limone is famous for its limoncello, a lemon based liqueur. Limone is hard pressed between the sheer cliffs of the mountains and the lake–it is three streets wide and about a mile long alone the lake. Yellow, rust, gold, beige and green buildings with red tile roofs line the streets with lush flowers of every description in baskets and plantings everywhere. Restaurants with patio arbors sported old growth wisteria now in full bloom. Lemon themed products predominated in the shops. It was amazing to look up to the mountains while standing amongst the quaint buildings and turning to see the baby blue waters of the lake lapping the shore.

A gondola ride close to our hotel in Malcesine took us over 10,000 feet to the top of Mt. Baldo. The weather was glorious and hang gliders were running off the cliff. Sitting in an outdoor restaurant on a snow covered peak with other peaks in view in short sleeves while looking out over the massive mountain rimmed lake below was more than refreshing and invigorating. Could there be a more impressive sight? WEG


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