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Graumann Sightings

Yes, it is true. If someone says, “We think we saw the Graumann’s” or “I saw the Graumann’s”–they did. We slipped into Tomball and have slipped back out and are already in New Orleans for Leg 2 of our “Encore Life” tour. We ate great Cajun food already in Lake Charles and stopped to see what is called the Black Jesus, reminding us that there is beautiful art right here at home.

Just like everyone, we had numerous “have to” needs which needed our attention–such as reviewing tax forms and retirement decisions and getting close to 65 and health care decisions etc. If was also great to hug our kids and grandkids. We tried our best to stay out of view, but Tomball being Tomball, some folks saw us–some were not sure they saw us and some definitely knew they did.

So, our time at home was quite brief and every minute hectic as we tried to get the “to do” list accomplished. We did accomplish our objectives. Our transatlantic cruise begins Saturday. WEG



  1. Angie says:

    How very cute….and, VERY sly!!!! Wonderful to be home, I’m sure…if only briefly! All the best to you both on the next leg of your fantastic adventure….this “Encore Life”! 🙂

  2. Dianne Reese says:

    Tomball always welcomes you home and well wishes for you next adventure. Thanks for keeping us posted. Dianne

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