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The Saga of the Purple Spinner

Old city centers in Europe are not airport terminals, especially when it comes to flooring. So when you go to buy that new suitcase, first ask yourself, over what kind of terrain am I going to be pulling this thing. If every surface you will encounter is flat and smooth then the modern four wheel spinner might be just what you need. However, if the majority of surfaces you will pull your suitcases over are rough, then the traditional bags with two big wheels are much better. Just ask my wife.

Really, just ask me! I am pulling her four wheel spinner over the cobblestone streets of the world. I told her not to buy it…I told her the little wheels on the bag would not roll over rough surfaces…I told her I was getting a non de script two big wheel bag because I was positive we would have cobblestone surfaces of all kinds on our travels…I told her that if it wouldn’t roll then it would be almost impossible to pull those little wheels over old cobblestone…I, er, she had her own ideas and and it was purple and faux alligator with a matching carry on bag to boot. All common sense went by the wayside.

Guess who cannot pull the bag over rough surfaces and guess how many times she has actually rolled the thing herself and you guessed it–guess who is now pulling her bag? Take a cab, you say. Well, that could be an option if, in fact, taxis were allowed to drive on your streets in the old town–they aren’t. Just get a new bag, you say. That is not an option since she is so attached to the purple thing that she sleeps with it by the bedside.

Here is the deal–I am pulling a purple, faux alligator four wheel spinner over cobblestone streets. The matching purse/carryon bag is attached and because my wife is afraid of pickpockets, she has a bright sparkly scarf tied around the straps of the matching purse bag. She walks lolly gagging 50 feet behind me so that it looks to others as if this is my bag. I have encountered more than one set of raised eyebrows. I like attention, but this is the wrong kind. Next time, I’m buying the bags! WEG




  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    But you wear it so well!!

  2. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    But the light pink on the bag matches your complexion… These are the kind of things that make the trip memorable. If you’ll would have bought 2 black two wheeled bags, there wouldn’t be anything to talk about.

      • Melisa Standly says:

        Well…you are living our life last week….I have the fancy four wheel SPINNER and Randy had the old black faithful one and we had more trouble getting my bag on the train and around Rome….he groaned as we hauled it up the fourth floor to our hotel…well, really only two flights when we found the “lift”. Wheelers are for America, that’s for sure.

        Of course, I think Kathy is playing “smart like a fox”…she got you to carry the bags, didn’t she?

      • wgraumann says:

        Yes, she is pretty crafty.

  3. Mary Pieper says:

    I would say you married a very smart woman, and that you are a very kind husband.

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