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Florence Digs

The streets of Florence are not as confusing as those in Venice. No up and down steps on bridges ad nauseam and no abrupt dead ends–still, because streets do not run in straight lines, it is easy to get turned around in Florence. Today, the rains stopped and the sun came out to blue skies and the temperature was fantastic. Kathy and I went strolling about.

Our street Vigna Nuovo is a shopping street. Right down from our apartment entrance are Gucci, Cartier, Chopard, Bulgari and the like. Mont Blanc and Visconti compete with each other and are practically side by side and next door to us and various Italian fashion stores are peppered along the street that leads to a big archway into a major piazza that stands between the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery. We have walked this street many times, but today we went the other way that leads to a bridge over the Arno River and the Oltrarno District of Florence. Just before the bridge our street joins several other streets. Kathy and I basically made a u-turn onto the first street to intersect with ours. We had not walked this way before. We found ourselves in the antique district. Stores sold vintage clothing, antique furniture and accessories, porcelain and lighting. Kathy was intrigued with an Italian made to order wedding gown and event clothing shop. They displayed the magazine photos of famous people wearing the clothes made there. As we walked, modern Italian design shops appeared. Anyone building new or remodeling would have a fun time getting ideas in these shops. Before we knew it, the Santa Maria Nouvella Square and Church stood before us. We turned to the right and walked a street leading to the Duomo. We could see its massive dome towering over the buildings as we walked. It was a relaxing, enjoyable jaunt that brought us to familiar territory once again. We saw the archway that led to our street and our apartment. WEG


  1. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    Well I guess you are enjoying the new Pope Francis on TV today. They always pick a new name to replace their God given name. They also do it at Baptism. A little know fact that when I was baptised in the Catholic Church, my baptism name was Elvis..This was because my wife was a huge Elvis fan. This name was actually on the list of names that they provided for your choice of baptism name. I kind of feel a kinship to the Pope with the new name.

    • wgraumann says:

      That is a fun story Al-vis:-)

      • Melisa Standly says:

        Thanks so much for having a video of the apartment…we were trying to explain the digs last night to the family so this will help them have a “picture” of our home. I am sitting here writing at 4:30 am since I cannot seem to sleep anymore…of course, I went to bed at 9 last night. We had a wonderful trip home..no problems and were even upgraded on the DC to Houston leg of the trip. We cannot begin to unload all the events and memories of the last three weeks..it will take some time and to have the Vatican Square as the cherry on top experience will make it even more memorable. Enjoy the digs and soak it all in!

      • wgraumann says:

        So glad y’all made it home safely. Enjoy the rodeo for yourselves and for us also. I slept till noon today:-) The weather outside is very nice today so Kathy and I will walk and try to find that church with the copper dome that we saw from Michelangelo Square. We also found another restaurant last night in our walk that we will refind so we can eat there. We also found the best gelato place yet and it is on the way to Santa Maria Nouvella–on that corner where I always have to make sure I take the right street, since there are three to choose from. It is on that corner that I choose the wrong one and got late when you arrived. Anyway, they have the best tiramasu gelato I have ever tasted. We are going there now to get some more:-) Tell Randy, “hello” from us. Ease back into work and have fun doing it. Joy in Jesus, WEG

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