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Lake Garda is peppered with castles. Old and foreboding with thick walls and turreted towers, they now sit proudly above or within the coastal communities that dot the lake. They are attention grabbers. Sirmione sits on a peninsula that juts into the lake. It is a “wow” community and it is obvious that it is a favorite among the “with it” set of folks who happen to have means. The lake is very clear and the ducks, sea gulls and swans that wait for crumbs to be tossed are picturesque as they weave and bob on the blue water. As the sun pushed the fog away, Lake Garda cast its magic spell and begged for us to stay longer, but after two days, it was time to go.

While at Garda, I would take wonderful pictures of the Standly’s. I would beg Randy to take a picture of Kathy and me. When he finally would consent, acting somewhat peeved that I was interrupting his shopping for a shirt or tie, the results were not the best. He would complain that the sun was in his eyes or that we were standing in the dark or whatever. I would say that I had no problem taking his picture and he would say that I knew how to use the camera and he didn’t. So, with the pictures posted here, you have the evidence right in front of your eyes. For those of you who know him, when you see him back in Tomball, don’t let him fool you with sweet talk about how he sacrificed to make the Graumann’s “encore life” tour easier:-) WEG




  1. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    Wayne, does your camera have a manual flash?? Your picture is very nice and the flash would make it great. The bright back light with out a manual flash is what made Randy’s photo so dark. Just my opinion. Everyone is doing great with the photos and we truly are enjoying them. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

    • wgraumann says:

      Al, this was a fun post, not serious. Randy took some great shots–I just used the yucky one to rub it in. He won’t know about the post until he and Melisa wake up in the morning. Btw, I only use an iPad mini for a camera. I do not have a real camera.

  2. Patricia Bokenkamp says:

    Looks like crusader stamped castles and countryside. You’re so right. I’ve never seen that Italy but it’s beautiful. Like most of the rest of it!!
    So happy you’re enjoying yourselves. Life IS an adventure.

    • wgraumann says:

      Yes Pat. The Standly’s go to Rome tomorrow and will be in St. Peter’s Square for the results of the first vote and will head to Tomball Wednesday morning from Rome. We have had fun. Tonight, we go to Gregorian chant vespers at a monastery in the hills above Florence. A bus nearby takes us to the church–yea Tourist Information Center.

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