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Kisses for Sausage

I discovered a new pizza today–Nutella. It is thin pizza dough made into a pocket and filled with Nutellla, heated and covered with chocolate paste and powdered sugar. I ate two, and refused to share.

Today was Tuscany! Wonderful Tuscany! The hills are high and vine covered. Twisting roads snake up the hills and quaint Italian towns with towers stand in the distance, beckoning. We stopped in one–Greve in Chianti. The town square was lined with small shops selling local crafts and flowers. We stopped in one and I asked the woman butcher if some sausage was raw. She promptly cut some off for me to eat and while eating she cut off more from a different kind and before I could stop her, cut off more from an entirely different kind and poured her in-house made olive oil into a cup for me to drink. I walked out with a bag full of stuff, but she gave Randy (the Standly’s are traveling with us) and me kisses and a hearty, “buon giorno.” I love Tuscany.

Siena, the jewel of Tuscany, is a city enclosed with massive medieval walls and gently curved streets where the buildings are in almost perfect harmony lined in completely seamless array, leading to the Piazza del Campo, considered the prettiest plaza in Italy. The duomo is intricate and detailed–the exterior marble and wonderfully covered with a menagerie of statuary and the interior exquisite with gold starred ceiling, frescoed walls and marble floors inlaid to depict important historical events. I love Tuscany. WEG






  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    But you LOVED Seville!! Every day seems to get better for you—ENJOY!!! And keep those posts coming–so interesting and inspiring.

    • wgraumann says:

      I know, I know. Each day has been wonderful in its own right. We traveled all through the Chianti region of Tuscany–really pretty. Tomorrow, we go back for more as we travel to some of the “hill towns.”

  2. Tom Gloyer says:

    Kathy and I recognized those doors. Beautiful building.

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