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Pastry Taster

It’s a hard job, but someone needs to do it! And I have volunteered. I have eaten enough pastry in Spain to have been recognized as a pastry taster. It is a self-appointed title, but it works for me and Kathy has to let me taste test now, since it is my job.

So far I have visited ten purely confectionaries, and around 15 or so part pastry, part other food. Multiply all that by, um-m, say three different pastries each and you see why I am the Spanish Pastry King that I am. Here is my take:

The French toast/bread pudding kind of thing is great. Kathy is the baker in our home. She will try to recreate it when we return. If it works, just ask:-)

The pull apart with layered and airy crust topped with apricot cream is really good. It comes in several forms and some are one side chocolate or pistachio. Chocolate is always dark and barely sweet.

The North African nut, spice and baklava kind of thing dripping in honey is a show stopper. Only lack of money stopped me from eating every last one in the store. Kathy has put me on a pastry allowance, in case you didn’t know.

The cheese cake is more ricotta cheesy than ours, the cookies are all very light and fluffy–except the North African ones–they are dense and thick. The gelatin-concocted molds in many flavors and toppings look better than they taste.

The flakey rolls filled with chocolate are delicious.

I need to inform you that while I am eating pastry, my wife is sipping thick, you eat it with a spoon, hot chocolate. She drinks it by the gallon. I have tried to put her on a money allowance like she does me, but, believe me, nothing will come between her and the hot chocolate counter. WEG


  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    I would be in soooooo much trouble!!

  2. Anita Treichel says:

    This would be my kind of trip. I can just taste it all from what you’re saying here.

  3. Tim Fritch says:

    I love it. Some of those sound delicious. Sitting here laughing because I can see it all going down.

    • wgraumann says:

      Hi Tim. Yes, we found a new pastry shop today we walked about and bought 3 kinds of pastry we had not tried. Later, Kathy found the chocolate they use for the hot chocolate, so now she can make as much in the apartment as she wants:-)

  4. Dianne Reese says:

    Now you are torturing us!

  5. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    Please send us the French Bread Putting recipe. My mother always made the best for me.

  6. Lara Aston says:

    I can see this all in action! I can’t wait to hear about Italy! I would go for the hot chocolate… and one of those pastries with honey on the side!

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