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Granada and Tomball

The amazing Alhambra is a national treasure in Spain and it is easy to see why. High on the mountainside overlooking the fine city of Granada, it has seen centuries pass under its watchful eye of power and prestige as the seat of government for the Moorish empire. This empire passed in 1492 with the coming of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella who had the goal of ridding Iberia of this foreign invading power (although this invading power lasted over 700 years) and building a united Spain into the premier world power of its day. They succeeded on all counts.

We were thrilled to see Micah Reynolds in Granada today as well. He is full of ambition for his future and enjoying his opportunity to study abroad at the 60,000 student university in Granada, taking courses in Spanish studies that are approved by the University of Texas, Austin. Chris and George Ann have raised a fine young man.

This simply reminded me that people have always looked to the future and what it could bring, whether in ancient Granada or modern Granada. That they leave a legacy for all of us to enjoy is a blessing.









  1. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    These are some awesome photos. You guys are truly giving us a tour of a very beautiful country. is the top photo looking straight down to the trees below. WOW

    • wgraumann says:

      Thanks Al. The photo to which you refer is looking through shaped trees to fountains, ending in a fountain wall. As I looked at it, it does look like looking at trees below.

  2. Marilyn DeWulf says:

    I am so excited to hear that our former students have a love and passion for the Spanish language!!!!
    I knew this young man had a special gift when he was in 5th grade.
    Amazing how God directs our young men and women’s path.
    The coolest thing is that they are not afraid of the Spanish language or culture and that makes a really BIG difference!
    God has punctuated Salem’s Spanish program with a BIG EXCLAMATION POINT!!!

    Thank you for sharing this special visit with us.

    • wgraumann says:

      Marilyn, this is Kathy. All of Micah’s classes are being taught in Spanish. He is immersed in the language and loving it–reading, writing, and speaking it fluently.

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