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Gas Stations and Locutorios

They have great ways of solving problems in Seville.

Take gas stations. They still have fill up service. I thought, how quaint. No, not quaint, practical. You see, space is so limited in the historic cities like Seville, where the infrastructure was never built for modern conveniences, that inventive ways were necessary to meet modern needs, like filling up the tank with gas. So, very tiny gas stations were put right on the city side walks and you just drive up, usually in a queue, and the attendant quickly gets the gas going. The gas hoses are high power, they fill the tank quickly and you get your card or money ready to pay while the attendant is filling the tank and off you go–no slow gas tank fillers can get in the way of this efficient method.

We found the Locutorio today. They are conveniently located all over the city and one is just a few minutes walk from our apartment. We just did not know what we were looking for or know they existed. When you want to call international, you can use the Locutorio. They are expressly for that service for the international community that lives in Seville. When you enter, you are assigned a compartment that has a telephone and an electronic timer that tells you how much your call is costing you as you speak. We have a European phone for local calls and we will simply switch out the SIM card when we change countries. Using that phone for international calls would be quite expensive. However, the Locutorio is quite inexpensive. We had some banking business to accomplish and the ten minute call was 1,10Euro. Yea!

We are really getting the hang of how to live here. We only have one week left before we move on. That will be a sad departure.


  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    Just don’t forget where you live!!!

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