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Pop Goes the Weasel

Gardens are everywhere in this part of Spain and they are known worldwide. We have seen a lot of them. The one in the Alcazar, the many acres walled compound containing the Royal Palace featuring Mudejar–Christian artisans who used Moorish themes–architecture, is as fascinating as it is beautiful. It blends harmoniously with the beautiful palace. It is many gardens in one–calming gazebo like buildings are within, inviting a cool place to sit. Sunken gardens with brick or stone or tile walls and Spanish pottery lay beside raised gardens with water features of all types. Fish swim in shallow pools lined with citrus and ornamental trees. Floral displays give way to tall trees and gravel walkways. Shaped trees invite entry to bubbling fountains or rose gardens. Tiled benches sit around parklike areas and along paths and in courtyards and beside flowing waters. The garden/s are so large we did not walk them all.

When the Moors ruled this area, they had a love of tranquil gardens with hedge rows and cooling and peaceful fountains. I have always been intrigued by mazes, and so, the maze in the Alcazar palace gardens caught my attention quickly. I quickly got lost in it and would stick up my head and call out for Kathy, patiently waiting on the outside, so that I could keep my direction bearings. It was a lot of fun and I was grateful that centuries ago, the Spanish royalty added the maze to the garden. If Kathy had not helped me, I would be wandering aimlessly in that maze for centuries more. WEG





  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    Do you think Kathy was tempted to go shopping for a while or something?

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