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Mass and Bodega

Do the mass and the bodega go together? In Spain the answer is, “yes.”

Mass in the massive Seville Cathedral with soaring pipe organ notes echoing through the vaulted ceilings and Spanish chant plaintively repeating the liturgical verses competed with incense wafting upwards in billowing clouds of smoke before a pure gold and silver altar to bring new sensory heights.

I’ve been to Bodega Bay of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds” fame in California and now I’ve been to a bodega in Jerez, Spain. Both have much to offer, but if you must choose one, go for the Jerez bodega. Jerez is the sherry wine capital of the world due to the chalky soil that feeds the local grapes and gives sherry, both dry and sweet, its distinctive taste. The Gonzalez-Byess Bodega is the largest winery and is located in the old town. Its wine barrels are signed by the famous of this world who have visited. I did not have time to stay and sign my barrel. It was a very informative tour amidst ancient casks, each barrel has 70 years of harvests within, and there are thousands of barrels in rooms kept chilled by special sand that retains cold water to cool the vast chambers.

So in one day Mass in Seville and bodega in Jerez about an hour apart in distance but worlds apart in experience.





  1. Bambi says:

    What fun Wayne! Always thought it would be great to get an apartment or room for a month in a European country and just meld with the culture and people.

    • wgraumann says:

      It was a good choice for us to do this. Only the second time to a Tapas Bar (remember our experience in San Francisco?) not far from our apartment–the place was packed, but the waiter remembered that Kathy and I had been there and he made sure we got a seat and handed us an English menu without our asking. He was attentive in helping us. When you stay at a place for awhile, you get these experiences. Feels good.

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