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Strike Lifted

“Life isn’t fair, so buck up.”–Kathy Graumann
“What goes around, comes around.”–Wayne Graumann

The Seville strike is over and garbage is being removed quickly and life is back to its beautiful normal. How is it going in the Graumann apartment? Well, the strike is lifted here as well, and a restaurant outing is in order. Wayne says he cleaned, so Kathy has to cook. Kathy says Wayne didn’t do his fair share during his solidarity cleaning strike and he has to cook, so you know the compromise.

All kidding aside, encore living needs to have fun. We walked the ramparts of the Parasol–the umbrella-like edifice built over the old Roman ruins in central Seville. This modern edifice is the largest wooden structure in the world and was quite controversial when constructed due to its modern design amid the historic splendor of old town Seville. The upper ramparts are built to walk so that you can get scenic views the city. Seeing the churches and other buildings from the top gives a unique perspective. It’s good the strike is lifted. 🙂


  1. Roger Tornga says:

    I’m glad it only got to STRIKE #1!!!!

  2. Roger Tornga says:

    So glad ya’ll are being Seville to each other again and that we now know that GRACE actually means Graumann’s Reconciliation At Christ’s Expense!

    Really, though, we love your posts!

  3. Roger Girdwood says:

    Hey, Kathy, this is Roger Girdwood from Salem Lutheran. I did not know you were in Spain. I am going to be in Asturias from March 3 to March 7, giving a seminar and then will be in Barcelona for the day on March 8 before flying back to Tomball. I was just wondering if you were going to be in the neighborhood…

    • wgraumann says:

      Roger, this is Wayne. Unfortunately, we are no longer in Spain, but have moved on to Italy. In fact, Randy and Melisa Standly will be with us on those days days in Ravenna and Venice. Enjoy your trip. We would have loved seeing you.

  4. Roger Girdwood says:

    As Doris Day would say, Que sera, sera. I hope you have fun in Italy. We lived 3 1/2 years in Athens, Greece, and visited Corinth, Philippi, Berea, Thessaloniki, Crete, etc. while we were there. If your trip takes you to Rome, maybe you could pop on a clerical collar, tell them you are an Encore Missouri-Synod Lutheran pastor, and that you have come to vote on the pope.

    If you don’t mind doing me a favor, could you please ask Randy and Mel why they are going to miss Small Group this Saturday? I think they may have missed the last few meetings, come to think of it. Anyway, please ask them, and maybe try to have an innocent look on your face.

    Now that I’ve found this blog, I’ll check out the rest of your globe-trotting itinerary–I think I’ll be in Mexico City and Moscow in the near future. If I don’t see you, I can maybe drop a Goodson’s chicken-fried steak out of the plane for you as I fly overhead…

    • wgraumann says:

      Please make sure you make it the large portion and not the small one and have two rolls with cream gravy. The Standly’s say that they think there are too many former Church of Christ folks in your group and are looking for one with lots of former Presbyterians:-)

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