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Our Restaurant

We walk past it every day, just a few steps from our apartment front door. By the way, when we step out of our door we step directly onto Calle San Eloy, the tiled pedestrian street, with an occasional motor scooter or rollerblader or bicyclist, but lots of people traffic, We walk past what I have labeled, “our restaurant.”

Mind you, I have never eaten there, just looked in through the doorway. It is my restaurant because it looks like the type of place I would own, if I ran an eating establishment. It is inviting–nice wooden door, spanish tiles. It is busy–lots of people and activity, The food looks good–selection, price, presentation. It looks friendly–staff happy and people involved, customers lively and contented. It looks like the kind of place you come back to often with friends and family because food and service have that special kind of mix. It seems like a popular place to be because you are welcome there.

Well, we ate there just before leaving for Marbella. Really good tapas–octopus with olives, shrimp cerviche, salmon paste and bread, creamed potatoes–you get the picture. El Patio San Eloy has an interesting tiered interior where people sit up on the brightly tiled rows with little tables.

I am finishing this pre-written post today, because while here in Marbella, Kathy brought me a Spanish travel guide for Seville and one of five recommended restaurants is our restaurant. That makes me happy. Others like our restaurant as well. WEG



  1. Hello, pastor Graumann and Mrs.,Graumann we have been following your blog, and wanted to let both of you know how much we appreciate this and enjoy reading it.The pictures and your videos are amazing, Its like we are all on your tour bus and you both are the guides. We always looked forward to reading your Salem emails on Fridays and wow, we receive one almost every day from both of you. We hope you will continue to share your faith and wisdom in your daily journal.this helps ease my family’s sadness of you not being at Salem. hope you both continue to enjoy your wonderful trip. the, seber’s

    • wgraumann says:

      Your are so very kind! We will do our best to keep the blog going. Sometimes we have difficulty with internet and cannot post–so just know when nothing is there, that is the problem. We are so thankful to be able to keep in touch this way. Blessings on your day and on your family.

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