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Did we walk or did we stroll? It took four and a half hours. I think I prefer strolling. It’s true that we walk everywhere–that’s why we rented a centrally located apartment in the old town; however, today we strolled. Yep, we strolled.

We strolled through neighborhoods we had never traversed before–narrow passageways where the brilliant sun on this magnificent day could not penetrate, small balconies almost touching the wall on the opposite side of the “street.” No cars here–two people can barely stand side by side. And then suddenly, an opening and a small plaza over which towers a stately church, and, opposite, a cafe with chattering people enjoying company with friends.

We strolled wide avenues with busy traffic and large round-abouts centered with great fountains, one tall and tiered, another with water jets and another with fine spray and another and another–this is a city of fountains. To one side, a city park. The flowers are beginning to bloom and we realized that, in Seville, spring had sprung. And another fountain around a dignified statue of someone historically important.

We strolled the Seville World Exposition site, from the early nineteen hundreds. It has a wow factor, stunningly beautiful, and the Spain of your imagination. Horse-drawn carriages on the grand plaza and self propelled water craft in the canals along with tandem bicyclers bring joyful activity to the scene.

We strolled to the Santa Justa Train Station. It it large, and airport like, with display screens and restaurants and rent a cars offices and shops, and it is busy. The light-filled atrium is a comfortable place to stop and sit a spell.

We strolled home to our apartment through the cathedral square–it was open and people were flowing into its cavernous depths. I entered. The great organ was playing and worship was about to begin. Winding my way through the naves I came upon the worshippers and a soloist singing a beautiful refrain. And I paused to remember friends at home who were lifting their voice to God as well.

Kathy and I loved the stroll. WEG


  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    Your descriptions take me there!

  2. Debbie Linfield says:

    Thanks for sharing. Love the video with the canals and then Kathy looking out.

  3. I love reading all your post and watching all the videos. Thank you for sharing! I can see by all your post that you two are having a wonderful time. It looks like a wonderful place to visit. Can’t wait to read and see more videos. God’s Blessings to you both!

  4. Donna Pyle says:

    Taking time for strolls is such an important of the journey. Unexpected delights always surface!

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