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Long before there was a Paula Deen, our dear, sweet Arleah Hillegeist said something to the effect, “If all else fails, just add butter.” I’ve done that consistently over the 30 or so years since I heard her say that. Kathy and I have always bought no salt butter at the best price we could find it. At Costco, and then in grocery stores, I saw the Irish butter called Kerrygold–aptly named since it takes your gold to pay the steep price. At four times the price of common butter, my frugal German upbringing forbade me to purchase it. I must admit, however, every time I passed it by, I dreamed about it at night. At the Seville market we frequent, looking for butter, there it sat in the case, right beside a Spanish butter named Puleva. I was happy to note that the Irish brand was only about 30 cents more than the Spanish brand. I suppose with both countries being a part of the European Union, it does make a difference in cost. This my conscience could handle.

I bought both. Now the taste test. Yep, price in this case means better butter. Here’s the kicker: both are better than the butter we can get at home. Spanish wins in cost and Irish wins in smooth creamy taste. Both are more than good enough for me. Just call me the gourmet critic. WEG


  1. angiehsnow says:

    Sounds great. I never buy margarine anymore…due to the various reports about it….only butter. Everything is moving right along with you all. I love your posts! 🙂

  2. Debbie Linfield says:

    Well we miss you but we’re so glad you are enjoying yourselves. Love reading the posts. 🙂

  3. Marilyn DeWulf says:

    I am wondering if you have encountered a ” short, curly haired, sanguine”, like myself? I know Jill is my twin here at Salem. Yep, been mistaken for her twice in the lat 2 weeks. One person started talking and until she took a breath, I could not tell her I was not Jill. She apologized. I thanked her for her comparison. Life is funny that way. I am good with it. Wonder if you have found your twin in Seville? Miss you, but LOVING the journey from here in the USA.

    • wgraumann says:

      We see people and the street who look like people we know and just blurt out the name. The other just understands we have spotted someone who reminds of us of someone else. Yesterday, I said, “Joan Schaekel” and sure enough, Joan appeared before Kathy in Spanish form and we just smiled and remembered Joan in Tomball.

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