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The Surprises are Good

I like surprises, and I know some people don’t, but I can tell you this–the surprises in Seville are good. Around every corner is something new and different, it seems. City plazas or squares, pocket parks, narrow alleyways that lead to amazing outdoor/indoor restaurants, bubbling fountains, statues or other artwork on columns, flower-planted courtyards, tree-lined walkways, beautiful tile/brick/rock streets with wonderful shops lining the sides, ancient walls with ancient lamps/lights, towers and more towers, musicians playing and setting moods, crowded lanes and then no one were discoveries just today in the neighborhood of our apartment–I cannot wait to venture out farther, taking the advice of this blog, go farther.

By the way, we are only 60 steps from the side entry of Seville’s largest department store from our apartment entry. El Carte Ingles is five floors and three buildings of super, super store. It is part Target, part Macy’s, part Nieman-Marcus, and part Kroger–part Target, because it has merchandise for the everyday person; part Macy’s, because it has large department store items; part NM, because it has high end designer boutiques scattered throughout and part Kroger, because it has a gigantic grocery with a gourmet store within the store. Did I mention that the side entry is only 60 steps from our apartment? I hid the credit cards and money from Kathy. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are over 300 other stores within 10 minutes’ walk of our apartment. We will not experience them all, at least I won’t–can’t speak for my wife–I won’t get past the pastry shops. WEG


  1. Debbie Linfield says:

    You made me laugh at my desk… can’t get past the pastry shops, huh? Yum. Have fun shopping and eating. I love your posts. I am so happy that you are getting to enjoy this “encore” life. But, we do miss you both. :O)

    • wgraumann says:

      Thanks Debbie. It feels so good to get messages from home. The pasties are to die for and there are shops every 200 feet. Can’t walk off enough calories until I sit down again to try something different. I found I really like the light layered pastry toped with lemon icing–it’s light right?

  2. Craig says:

    I’m enjoying all your posts and picturing your experiences. It;s almost as much fun as picturing your excitment/amazement/exclamations at each new discovery!

  3. Roxanne Elmblad says:

    I can just see the excitement on your faces. Now Wayne, you gotta let Kathy have a little fun while you’re eating the pastries :),,,,lol

    • wgraumann says:

      Right–no money left after pastry.

      • Marilyn DeWulf says:

        Oh the joys of overseas shopping and exploration. I LOVE their pastries too!!!! Oh my… they are delicious. Maybe you can be a Seville mall walker like they have here in the USA. Not only are you exercising, but window shopping too. Oh what fun. And there is the opportunity to reward yourself once a week with those pastries for working out! lol :o)

      • wgraumann says:

        Once a week? How about hourly?

  4. Nancy McCollum says:

    I’m afraid the pastries would be my downfall! Don’t think I’d make it past the pastry shops to get to the shopping!

    • Melisa Standly says:

      I think for each item that Kathy buys…you should have one pastry! Seems only fair to me…but I do like the idea of “mall walking”…..risk vs reward…..

      I’m glad to know you like surprises….hummmmmm!

      • wgraumann says:

        If I followed your suggestion I would gain a hundred pounds this month:-). No real malls here, but beautiful streets for walking. We got in a lot of that today.

    • wgraumann says:

      We are now limiting ourselves to one shared pastry a day.

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