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The Squid and I

I knew octopus and squid were important to Spanish and Portuguese cuisine and the first time I saw it on a menu, I ordered it. Really good! Kathy and I have eaten in two Spanish sit down restaurants–the hotel suggested them to us as serving authentic Madrid food. Here is what we have learned so far–1. the food is excellent; 2. the wait staff is solicitous–one brought us coffee liquor as an after dinner drink on the house; 3. you eat dinner after 7:00 p.m. at the earliest–the hotel restaurant doesn’t open till 8:30; 4. the food comes in huge quantities–you will not leave hungry; 5. the food definitely is different than anything we are used to eating in restaurants–i.e. the super crusty bread is served with a type of blue cheese and cured pepperoni to spread instead of butter; 6. there is no rush to get you out the door–graceful, kind and slow; 7. we are loving the Spanish experience. WEG



  1. Debbie Linfield says:

    Lots of food… Now you’re talking my language! đŸ™‚ đŸ™‚ Sounds like you are enjoying everything.

    • wgraumann says:

      Cannot believe the quantity. I simply could not eat everything–literally double portions and cheaper prices than what we pay at home–last night appetizer, Spanish crusty bread and corn on the cob served with soft white cheese; main course–three grilled sausages, roast pork (three could have easily have shared)with cream sauce; three scoops of fried mashed potatoes toped with three easy over eggs; salad on the side. That was for me! We also had a bottle of Spanish red wine. Amazing.

  2. Lara Aston says:

    So glad you are having such a good time! I love following your blog!

  3. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    You remind us of the week we spent in Barcelona before our two week Mediterranean cruise. It was so much fun..The food was very interesting. I am curious. while we were in Barcelona, all of the restaurants required a tip where the service was good or not. after a few times we got used to the way it was and went with the flow. we are enjoying your gallery’s and video’s and all of the neat places that you go.

  4. Roger Tornga says:

    Wayne, That was definitely my experience in many foreign countries. The people I met were much less concerned with time, money, and prestige. Relationships were their priority and they might take 1/2 hour to inquire after my family. In America, we generally start with asking what someone does for their line of work. Sounds like you are having a wonderful and restful time. Thanks for blogging.

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